Coffee - glossary

From cotyledons to pulp.

Cotyledons: The green beans within the coffee cherry that are roasted and ground to make coffee. 

Cup: The quality of the coffee as assessed by “cuppers” who rate and rank the taste and aroma of the ground coffee and it`s brew. 

Drupers: Another term for coffee cherry or berry. 

Endocarp: A silvery skin around the bean that is removed by hulling at the secondary stage of processing. Also known as the parchment. 

Green Bean: The green colored bean at the heart of the coffee cherry, which is marketed and then ground to make coffee. 

Mesocarp: The pulp which surrounds the bean and which is removed from mature beans by milling usually on the plantation. 

Parchment: Another name for the endocarp which directly surrounds the bean. Parchment coffee is the name for the un-cleaned bean normally sent from the grower to the trading co-operative, where it is removed. 

Pulp: The Fleshy mesoscarp that surrounds and protects the bean.