How to increase grassland yield

How to increase grassland yield

The main yield components of grass are the number of leaves per unit area and dry matter content. Higher yields come from optimising leaf numbers, maintaining a green leaf canopy and achieving a high dry matter content. A balanced fertiliser programme including all macro and micronutrients is essential to help manage all of these components.

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Does your grassland have a nutrient deficiency?

Identify and diagnose if your grass is suffering from nutrient deficiencies and learn how to control or correct the deficiency. Choose a nutrient below to learn more about the symptoms of its deficiency in grassland and its effect on sward growth and development.

Grassland crop programmes
Grassland crop programmes

Grassland fertiliser programmes

Yara's solid fertiliser and foliar programmes are based around YaraBela and YaraMila fertilisers

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Do you want to make better informed nutrient decisions ?

The farmer's toolbox is a collection of tools help you to make better nutrient decisions to choose the right fertiliser and apply the right amount of nutrients at the right time and in the right place so that the crop yield and quality are maximised whilst still keeping costs in check, avoiding over-fertilisation and protecting the environment.