Pure nutrients for reliable results

All Yara fertilizers are pure nutrients made from high quality raw materials.

They contain ammonium nitrate as the most efficient nitrogen source for optimum spreadability and reliable results. Our range of recommended fertilizers for spring barley includes straight nitrogen with and without sulfur, compound NPK with sulfur and micronutrients and formulated foliar fertilizers.

Yara Fertilizer range (extract)

YaraMila® STARTER 24-5-5 + 10 SO3

The universal fertilizer for stimulating root growth under difficult growing conditions. High nitrogen strike force and nitrogen content.

YaraMila® NPK 16-16-8 + 12,5 SO3 + B + Mn + Zn

Compound NPK-fertilizer with sulfur, boron, manganese, zinc. Ideal on soils rich in potash and as a complement to manure.

YaraMila® GETREIDE 21-6-12 + 10 SO3 + B

The ideal NPK fertilizer for starting all cereals in spring. The balanced nutrient combination including sulfur and boron helps rapid establishment and early growth.

YaraBela® SULFAN® 24 + 15 SO3

A tailor-made nitrogen-sulfur-fertilizer with a nitrogen/sulfur ratio of 4/1.

YaraMila® UNIVERSAL 15-15-15

This is the fertilizer for farms which cover all phosphor and potash needs by a single compound fertilizer for optimum work flow. Specifically adapted to cereal rotations.


Liquid foliar fertilizer containing a micronutrient mix including manganese, copper, zinc and magnesium. High plant tolerance and compatible with most crop protection products.