FACTS #9 – YaraMila®, the right product for each situation

Grassland fertilization needs to be tailored to each individual situation by using the right combination of nutrients at the right time.

YaraMila NPK fertilizers offer the appropriate mix for every need as well as consistent quality from bag to bag and from year to year. YaraMila fertilizers are manufactured in Europe according to the strict environmental and quality requirements of Yara.


The right mix

YaraMila compound fertilizers are available with different N, P and K and secondary nutrient contents. Whether it is for compensating manure application, correcting nutrient supply in specific situations or a full mineral fertilization, YaraMila offers the right mix.

N P K S Other
20 20 0 3.6%  
15 15 15    
15 9 20 4% 2% MgO
16 16 16    
20 7 10 4% 2% MgO
21 6 11 3.6% Bor
23 5 5 6%  

Compound quality

YaraMila NPK fertilizers are true, uniform compounds containing all nutrients in each single prill. Unlike blends, compound fertilizers do not segregate in the hopper, during transportation or upon spreading. Compound prills ensure that all nutrients are evenly spread at the same rate and distance for best performance.