Rate and source of nutrients in wheat production

The amount of nutrient required will be dependent on several factors:

  • Crop yields
  • Crop quality target
  • Soil fertility i.e. levels of available nutrient
  • Soil type
  • Crop rotation
  • Crop residue management

wheat field

In the case of micronutrients, foliar products need to be well formulated to optimise crop uptake, whilst avoiding leaf tissue damage. These foliar applied products may also be applied in tank mix with other products so knowledge of their compatibility is also important (read more about Yara TankmixIT).

The final but critical component of crop nutrition management is ensuring that the application is made using best available technology. The most accurate application will be achieved through using the best quality products that are uniform in size, density and formulation, delivering the correct amount of nutrient to every crop. YaraMila uniform compound fertilizer contains the correct nutrient ratio in every granule or prill, unlike blended fertilizer that can give variation in spreading accuracy.

Applications of nitrogen should also be made using the latest precision technology – the Yara N-Sensor, which through sensing the canopy of the crop to determine its nitrogen status varies the application according to crop need.