Role of Nutrients by Wine Grape Growth Stages

wine grape bud

Winter Rest – Budbreak

  • Nitrogen and Potassium – promote strong early growth and maximize leaf area 
  • Phosphorus – maintain long-term productivity 
  • Calcium - boost new leaf and bud growth 
  • Magnesium – maximize photosynthetic activity and early growth 
  • Sulfur and Manganese – maximize photosynthetic activity 
  • Iron – strengthen leaf development and vine productivity 
  • Boron and Zinc – ensure good shoot growth and strong fruit set 
  • Molybdenum – maximize floral development

Wine grape

Berry Set - Veraison

  • Nitrogen – ensure strong set and early grape growth 
  • Potassium – maximize growth potential 
  • Calcium – maintain healthy vine growth and grape production 
  • Magnesium – maintain growth and berry development 
  • Boron and Zinc – maximize healthy berry development

Wine grape

Veraison – End of Harvest

  • Nitrogen – foliar forms to maximize crop potential and improve grape color 
  • Potassium – ensure good, strong fruit-fill, increase grape sugars, and provide a high K:N ratio to minimize botrytis 
  • Calcium – ensure strong skins and minimize fruit disorders and diseases 
  • Magnesium – minimize bunch stem necrosis 
  • Boron – improve berry shape, size and sugars 
  • Zinc and Iron – increase grape sugars

Wine grape

Post Harvest

  • Nitrogen – build vine reserves before dormancy 
  • Phosphorus – build root system after harvest 
  • Calcium - boost root development and wood maturity (winter hardiness) after harvest