History of Yara in Cameroon

Old picture of Cotton farmers

How it all started

Before Yara Cameroon, there was another company that started its activity in 1995: Hydrochem. Its aim was to produce basic fertilizers and to distribute them to Cameroonian farmers. But as the need in quality product grew, there was also a need for a better and more focused activity, with a different strategic approach to the market.

About Yara Cameroon

Hydrochem became Yara Cameroon in 2005 and at this moment, it set out on a complete change on the market. But it was a global change all across the country where Yara has its presence as a sign of commitment to its mission and vision. The mission is to “Feed responsibly the world and protect the planet”. Yara offers solutions and work with public and private partners to create profitable and sustainable growth both for shareholders, stakeholders and society at large.  

Yara Cameroon does not only produce and sales quality fertilizers, but we also offer an expertise in crop nutrition and share our knowledge with the farmers who are looking for  growth as well as the best results and the highest yields, regardless of the size of the farms or the cultivated areas. 


Over the years, Yara Cameroon has played a key role in contributing to shape the current landscape of agriculture in Cameroon right now. This shift has been made possible thanks to the collaboration that Yara has maintained with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER), DSCHANG University through the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA), Guinness Cameroon (DIAGEO Group), local commodities distributors, as well as lead farmers in the local communities, to name a few.

Agronomy R&D

Yara Cameroon has also been offering technical support for farmers on its Yara Crop Nutrition Concept, focusing on crop knowledge, portfolio combinations and application competence, in order to help Cameroonian farmers optimize profitability in a sustainable manner.

Yara Cameroon has about eight competent sales agronomists covering the different regions in the country (Littoral, Centre, West, Adamawa and North regions),supporting our strong sales and distributorship network while providing agricultural extension support for farmers in respective catchment areas based on our Crop Nutrition Program.

Yara Cameroon has also been a contributor in the past into Research and Development with some collaborative work done with the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD) in Cameroon in terms of demos and fertilizers trials for some major crop in Cameroon.

Yara Cameroon is committed to being the leading provider of sustainable crop nutrition solutions, supporting farmer profitability through knowledge, quality and productivity while minimizing the impact on the environment

Where our products come from

Yara Cameroon offers a wide range of products that come from a variety of manufacturing facilities. Take a look at some of Yara's production sites.

Porsgrunn, Norway

Porsgrunn is the largest industrial site in Norway. The wholly owned facilities are fully integrated for nitrogen-based products, and have Yara's and Europe's largest installed production capacity for NPK complex fertilizers based on the nitrophosphate route.

Uusikaupunki, Finland

The Uusikaupunki site consists of three nitric acid plants as well as two fertilizer plants producing nitric acid and fertilizers for the Finnish market and for export. The plant has its own deep-water harbor.

Where are we located